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Nutrim Benefits

The soluble oat fiber found in Nutrim has been clinically shown to:

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Tame cravings and reduce appetite
  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Reduce post-meal blood sugar swings

Nutrim qualifies for the FDA Heart Health Claim.

Nutrim Is Made From Oats

Nutrim is a 100% natural whole food sourced from North American grown non-GMO oats. It is made from oat bran, and through a patented natural process, concentrates the cholesterol-removing power of the oat bran. The Nutrim powder has no added chemicals, no artificial ingredients, and no preservatives.

Why Nutrim Works Better Than Oatmeal And Oat Bran

50 years of research show eating oat bran helps control cholesterol. Nutrim’s patented processing frees oat bran’s most powerful factor — beta-glucan, greatly magnifying the potency of the bran.

In oatmeal, oat bran, and other oat-based foods, most of the beta-glucan is tightly bound up within the oat plant cells and the human body does not have access to it. Nutrim contains high levels of free, unbound beta-glucan, making Nutrim more effective than off-the-shelf oat-based foods at lowering cholesterol.

Who Created Nutrim?

Dr. George Inglett, a USDA Research Hall of Fame scientist, managed to increase the bioavailability of oat beta-glucan with a patented process that mechanically breaks down the tough oat fibers. The result is Nutrim, a 100% natural, tasteless powder with 10% beta-glucan.

What Does The Research Show?

The soluble fiber called oat beta-glucan supports appetite and hunger control, lowers cholesterol and helps maintain blood sugar levels in normal ranges. In clinical studies, participants supplementing with oat-derived beta-glucan experienced significant weight loss and lowered cholesterol.1,2

A healthy diet, low in saturated and trans fats and cholesterol, and high in oat beta-glucan may reduce the risks of heart disease by lowering cholesterol.3,4,5

How Does Nutrim Work In The Body?

The body gets its cholesterol from food and it also makes it on its own in the liver. Blood cholesterol levels are primarily controlled by an equilibrium that exists across the body’s intestinal wall. If you remove cholesterol from the digestive tract, your blood cholesterol levels fall. That’s why Nutrim works. The beta-glucans bind to cholesterol in the intestines and it gets transported out of the body before being absorbed by the blood.

Add Nutrim To Food And Beverages

Nutrim mixes easily with food and drink. In food preparation, the powder adds a creamy consistency and can serve as a substitute for fats as well as high glycemic ingredients like refined flour. In this way, Nutrim can modify a recipe to create a healthier version. It combines well with beverages, including water, juice, and smoothies.

It can be added to other ingredients in almost any recipe without impacting flavor. Suggestions include pasta sauce, salad dressing, sandwich spreads, smoothies, soups, beverages and even baked goods such as muffins!

How Much Nutrim A Day?

Because different people have different lifestyles and inherited traits, some people see results with just one serving of Nutrim a day while others see the need for eight servings a day. Most people see results with just two servings a day. There are no side effects.

Combining Nutrim with a healthy lifestyle can help lower cholesterol, providing a heart healthy solution with long-term benefits.



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Nutrim is 100% natural soluble fiber from oat bran containing at least 10% beta-glucan. 50 years of research show eating oat bran helps control cholesterol. Nutrim's patented processing frees oat bran's most powerful factor — beta-glucan, greatly magnifying the potency of the bran. As a tasteless powder, Nutrim mixes easily with foods and beverages without compromising taste.

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