“So I started taking Nutrim… After one year I returned to my doctor. My cholesterol levels had fallen 10% and there was NO MORE GUNK accumulating in my arteries. I was quite relieved and continue taking Nutrim today.

And I’ve been so happy with the product I started this website to get Nutrim into more hands and help more people.”

–Jonathan Sherman


I had never heard of Nutrim before. I’m a healthy middle aged guy… athletic, watch my diet, right weight for my height, and my cholesterol levels were normal. But my general care doctor suggested that since I was over 40, I should get checked out by a local clinic called the Stroke & Heart Attack Prevention Center. Strokes run in my family.

So I went to the clinic and they had me lie on a table for about 30 minutes while they massaged ultrasound paddles up and down my neck to check what the inside of my carotid arteries looked like. They explained that the health of your cardiovascular system is pretty much uniform. If the carotids were good, then everything was likely OK, but any problem would also show up in the carotids as well.

To my surprise, I had gook starting to cake up in my carotid arteries. Not too serious yet, but it was the onset of cardiovascular disease that if left unchecked, would put me in a very poor place 20 years from now. The doctor explained that regardless of your cholesterol levels, some people just had sticky cholesterol — it was genetic. But, he said, the good news was I was still early and by reducing my cholesterol levels further, I could suck out any low density lipids from my artery walls and ACTUALLY SHRINK THE GOOK there and also prevent further accumulation.

The doctor also explained that diet alone only contributed a small percentage to my body’s blood cholesterol level. My body produced the lion’s share of it. THE ONLY WAY TO REDUCE MY CHOLESTEROL WAS WITH DRUGS OR SUPPLEMENTS.

Now, I hate drugs. I don’t take any unless I’m really really sick. So the idea of anti-cholesterol drugs from the big pharma companies was completely off the table. So I asked him if there was any other way besides drugs?

He said my arteries were still in OK shape so he could recommend something else that would reduce my cholesterol by another 10-15% and that would probably be sufficient for my problem. He then told me a story about a patient he met two years past that showed a problem after ultrasound but also refused to take drugs.

That patient manage to lower LDL cholesterol naturally with Nutrim. She started to take one scoop daily by adding it into a heart-healthy smoothie for breakfast. My doctor said the patient came to him again one year later and her cholesterol levels had fallen about 12% and her fat deposits in her arteries had shrank. He was pretty surprised and grilled her with questions to see if something else had contributed to the decline in her blood cholesterol levels. But the patient said nothing had changed in her lifestyle other than Nutrim.

The doctors since started recommending Nutrim to other patients and saw similar results.

So I started taking Nutrim, but figured that maybe two scoops might work better than one (more the better, right?). After one year, I returned to my doctor. My cholesterol levels had fallen 10% and there was NO MORE GUNK accumulating in my arteries. I was quite relieved and continue taking Nutrim today.

And I’ve been so happy with the product I started this website so others can learn about Nutrim and help more people.

Now getting an annual carotid ultrasound is also part of my regular preventive health care regimen.

Regarding my doctor, he has a lot of credentials. Here is his bio:

Alfred Callahan, III, MD, has made it his professional mission to prevent stroke and heart attack. Possessing an innovative vision of health care, he believes that focusing his efforts on preventing disease, rather than acute treatment, is the way to control healthcare costs in the United States. A practicing stroke neurologist for 30 years, he received post-graduate training in internal medicine at Vanderbilt, neurological medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and was a fellow in neurology at Harvard Medical School. He serves on the clinical faculty at Vanderbilt Nursing School, is a past President of the Nashville-affiliate of the American Heart Association and served as Chairman of Operation Stroke: Nashville. He recently directed an international clinical trial of the drug Lipitor, called SPARCL (Stroke Prevention by Aggressive Reduction of Cholesterol Levels). He has authored 56 publications and received three patents during his years of private practice in Nashville. He authored the book The Next Medical Revolution: Angiology. He was also the creator of the Muhlenberg Vascular Project, which provides vascular healthcare delivery in rural Kentucky. To date, the impact of the project has reduced the rate of stroke by 47 percent in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

Nutrim is 100% natural soluble fiber from oat bran containing at least 10% beta-glucan. 50 years of research show eating oat bran helps control cholesterol. Nutrim's patented processing frees oat bran's most powerful factor — beta-glucan, greatly magnifying the potency of the bran. As a tasteless powder, Nutrim mixes easily with foods and beverages without compromising taste.

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