Nutrim To Lower Your Cholesterol

People often lower their cholesterol by 10% or more within 60 days of starting Nutrim.

50 years of research show eating oat bran helps control cholesterol. Nutrim’s 100% natural processing unlocks and frees the bran’s most powerful factor — beta-glucan, greatly magnifying the potency of oats in lowering cholesterol.

Nutrim is a tasteless powder that can easily be added to food, smoothies or just water. There are no side-effects or no added chemicals. It was created by a USDA scientist and qualifies for the FDA Oat Heart Health claim.



Nutrim was created by a USDA Research Hall of Fame scientist. The natural process for making Nutrim frees up beta-glucan — the component of oats shown to reduce cholesterol in people.

In regular oatmeal, oat bran and other oat-based foods, most of the beta-glucan is tightly bound up within the oat plant cells so the human body does not have access to it. Nutrim contains high levels of free, unbound beta-glucan, making Nutrim more effective than off-the-shelf oat-based foods at lowering cholesterol.

Research and clinical studies show oat beta-glucan lowers cholesterol and supports healthy blood pressure among other benefits. Learn more about the extensive research supporting these claims as well as other ways Nutrim can contribute to a healthy lifestyle on our Nutrim Information pages and Research pages.

Nutrim is 100% natural soluble fiber from oat bran containing at least 10% beta-glucan. 50 years of research show eating oat bran helps control cholesterol. Nutrim's processing frees oat bran's most powerful factor — beta-glucan, greatly magnifying the potency of the bran. As a tasteless powder, Nutrim mixes easily with foods and beverages without compromising taste.

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Nutrim oat beta-glucan is really one of those products you have to try to believe. We want you to feel safe ordering with us and for that reason each product we sell comes with a ninety day warranty. Order our Nutrim brand products today, and if you are unsatisfied in any way, simply give us a call within ninety days, and we'll be happy to refund 100% of your purchase price.

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